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The expressive cosmos

The "Vater der Neuen Wilden" / "Father
of les nouveaux Fauvres" / "New Savages"
at Galerie Heidefeld & Partner, Krefeld

This unique painter has always been a freethinker and he exercised the freedom to be different - notably including his own name. One of the greatest post-war artists of Germany, known as A.R. Penck, actually had the real name Ralf Winkler, born in 1939 in Dresden. Particularily to lead astray the Stasi, the state security of communist East Germany, he set up a game of deliberate confusion using a lot of pseudonyms, for instance Theodor Marx, Mike Hammer, Mickey Spilane or simply "a. Y." or "Y". The purpose was to disguise the fact that more and more of his works were smuggled through the iron curtain and the Berlin wall into the West. On the other hand it seems to have been an artistic game with various identities and the facets of his personality as well. A.R. Penck created his own art cosmos by an extraordinary signature style, an unique imagery and a system of graphic characters.

Galerie Heidefeld & Partner is glad to present a selected exhibition of excellent art works by A.R. Penck, starting on 18 March 2018. It's a homage to the artist who died on 2 May 2017 in Zurich.

We warmly invite You to our VERNISSAGE
Sunday: 18 March, 15pm - 18pm

Introduction: Dr. Helmut Orpel,
art historian and author

Watercolour paintings, graphics rarities, unique works

The exhibition unfolds a panorama of Penck's art which exemplifies fascinatingly why art criticism and art historians like to call him "Vater/Father der Neuen Wilden / des nouveaux Fauvres / of the New Savages". You will see watercolour paintings, graphics rarities, unique works and sculptures.

Since the 1970s A.R. Penck became a part of the art scenes in the East and the West of divided Germany and a close friend of Jörg Immendorff who patronised the dissident. In 1980 Penck could leave the GDR and started a new life in the West. Nowadays his works are belonging to famos collections around the world, for instance the MoMa, Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne, the Hamburger Kunsthalle or t he Städelschen Kunstinstitut Frankfurt.

There is a high demand for A.R. Penck's works in the international art world. His expressive signature style has found a certain echo by artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Pasquiat. The art market records more and more increases of value for Penck's works, who created a very vital œuvre charakterised by his unique imagery and systems of signs. Art works recalling archaic cave-paintings, art works rich of calligraphic tokens, graffiti and icons. A.R. Penck created a fascinating and astonishing visual world of his own: the Penck Cosmos.

By the way, the artist once created and adopted his now well-known name A.R. Penck, referring to the admired ice age-scientist and geologist Albrecht Penck.

No bad choice for a German contemporary artist who has build a bridge between East and West by his works, in a time when the climate in the divided country used to be frozen.

We are looking forward to Your visit!

A.R. Penck
Der expressive Kosmos

18 March - 21 April
Mo - Fr 15 am - 18 pm
Sa 11 am - 15 pm
and by appointment

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